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2 June 22, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Mohammad Asif
Synthetic Methods and Exploring Biological Potential of Various Substituted Quinoxalin-2-one Derivatives

European Reviews of Chemical Research, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 31-51.
DOI: 10.13187/ercr.2016.8.31CrossRef

Substituted quinoxaline have considerable interest in chemistry, biology and pharmacology. Quinoxaline derivatives are capable with variety of biological activities and possess different biological activities, of which the most potent are anti-microbial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. It facilitated the researchers to develop various methods for their synthesis and their applications. In this review represented different methods of synthesis, reactivity and various biological activities of quinoxaline derivatives.

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2. Alena E. Bezdetnova, Vyacheslav F. Markov, Larisa N. Maskaeva, Viktor I. Zelenin
Viscosity Properties of an Aqueous Suspension Pd(NO3)2-Al2O3-La2O3-HAc-H2O for Afterburning Catalysts

European Reviews of Chemical Research, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 52-58.
DOI: 10.13187/ercr.2016.8.52CrossRef

The boundary conditions of formation of hydroxides are determined by calculation of ion equilibrium with use of thermodynamic constants of metals For system “Pd(NO3)2 – Al2O3 – La2O3 – HAc – H2O". Possibility of decrease in dynamic viscosity of the “Pd(NO3)2 – Al2O3 – La2O3 – HAc – H2O”, suspension having pH = 3 at addition of 1% of an aqueous solution is experimentally shown cation-active surfactant at 1.74 time: with 850.62 to 488.95 mPa·s. The morphology of particles of suspension before and after the addition in it surfactant cation-active Praestol 655 FC is investigated.

URL: http://ejournal14.com/journals_n/1475063502.pdf
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3. Natalia A. Forostyanaya, Anastasia D. Kutyavina, Maria A. Ponomareva, Anastasia A. Rozhina, Polina O. Mihnevich, Larisa N. Maskaeva, Vyacheslav F. Markov
Ligand Background of the Reaction Mixture as a Factor of the CdS – PbS thin Films Formation by Chemical Bath Deposition

European Reviews of Chemical Research, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 59-66.
DOI: 10.13187/ercr.2016.8.59CrossRef

The concentration planes of lead and cadmium sulphide formation in “Cd2+ – Pb2+ – L – OH− – N2H4CS”systems (where L – C6H5O73-, H2NCH2CH2NH2, C6H5O73- + H2NCH2CH2NH2) were calculated by analyzing of the ion equilibrium. Scaning electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis results showed the effect of the nature and strength of the complexing agents on composition and morphology of synthesized nanocrystalline CdS – PbS films.

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